Thanksgiving is an incredible opportunity. Families and friends who have scattered near and far gather together over food. Some connections are deepened. Other connections are made.

This holiday reflects who we are and where we've been.

Unfortunately, it is not without judgment.  In our family, the marriage bonds are strong.  Unfortunately, the bonds among the in-laws are not always as cohesive.  There are some rivalries.

In our blended family, everyone tries to out-cook the other.  One of the most significant symbols of this is macaroni and cheese. It is a dish both sides labor over in an attempt to be the most popular mac and cheese on the Thanksgiving table.

Last year, I shared a secret ingredient with my mom that turned the tide in her favor in our family's macaroni and cheese rivalry.  It was something I discovered by accident, and I thought no one else knew about it. That is, until this year, when I found several social media posts proving if my secret mac and cheese ingredient was ever a true "secret", it wasn't very well kept.

Macaroni and Cheese

So here it is. Nutmeg.

When you add just a pinch of fresh nutmeg to your milk, cheese, and butter, your macaroni and cheese will gain legendary flavor. It doesn't take much, maybe a quarter of a teaspoon.

I'm not talking nutmeg powder.  It takes freshly grated whole nutmeg.

If you're starting with boxed mac and cheese, add your grated nutmeg when adding your powdered cheese, butter, and milk, then whisk to blend.


So, there it is our not-so-secret killer macaroni and cheese ingredient. Undoubtedly, secret ingredients are the hallmark of successful Thanksgiving dinners all over this vaulted holiday. Sharing them is a great way to enhance togetherness and bonding.

Feel free to share your secret ingredients in the comments and have a great holiday.


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