If you've been yearning for a catfish fry, you might not have to wait much longer.  Channel Catfish have been stocked in the Concho River downtown. While there were some smaller fish like those pictured below stocked, there were also some larger Channel Catfish in the bunch.


According to a post from Inland Fisheries San Angelo District on Facebook, the fish came from Possum Kingdom Fish Hatchery in Graford.  There were fish of all sizes in the stock.

As Inland Fisheries describe it:

"We are not "holding back" bigger catfish.  Young fish are raised in hatchery ponds, fed until they grow to the desired size and then stocked out. Raising them to a larger size would require more time and money and would result in fewer fish being stocked"

If you're looking for huge catfish, you may want to try your luck at Lake Nasworthy.  If you're looking for the opportunity for a fun outing with the kids and family to catch a good fish and have some fun, then the Concho River downtown is your place.

Photo: Crash Kelley
Photo: Crash Kelley
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Catfish are easy to prepare and there are literally hundreds of recipes online that claim to be "Texas" style recipes. Likewise, there are tons of recommendations for homemade baits online.  None of those will be anywhere near as good as the perfect bait passed down from generation to generation in your family. When it comes to catching catfish, grandpa really does know best.

It might be a little hot for catfishing this weekend, but there are a lot of shady spots along the Concho.  Take the kids and alert the chefs in the family to gather the ingredients.  It's time for a catfish fry.

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