If you missed any of the KIDD Kraddick morning show, you may have missed one of these fantastic stories.

One involves a mysterious $5 charge on a credit card.

Another involves crying children and a very concerned Kidd Kraddick morning show.

Also, Big Al who really is a big softie has a lady in his life who he is clearly smitten with.

So much so in fact that saying something to her isn't enough. Big Al reached into his soulful side and wrote her a song.

In other Kidd Kraddick morning show news, Trey and his wife went on what experts are calling, the lamest date in history.

Whether it's crazy stories about kids, or random love songs about seeing your significant other after a long time apart. The Kidd Kraddick Morning show sure knows how to entertain.

And they are always welcoming to new people to join Kidd Nation.

Listen to them weekday mornings from 5 to 10 am.

And don't forget that you can escape the cold and enjoy the sun in Florida with the Winter Warm-Up contest! Listen for the temperature of the day and enter it at KiddNation.com for your chance to win!

Also, check out J-Si's sweet koala puzzle that he's been working on.

He was supposed to be packing and getting ready to move, but instead he has been working on a 500 piece puzzle set of two koalas hugging each other! He finally finished it in time for them to have a house showing!


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